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Previously, in our last entry, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of technology and media as it relates to globalization. In this entry, we are going to look at how technology and media globalization relates to the Caribbean.

As we know, technology and media globalization has its pros and cons. Similarly, it is advantageous and disadvantageous to the Caribbean. However, in this entry we will be focusing more on how technology and media globalization is disadvantageous to the Caribbean and how it can hinder development.

  • (Kendall, 2008), stated that, “Development has been driven by innovations in computerization, miniaturization, telecommunication and digitization. As distance becomes increasingly less of a constraint, location also becomes less of a factor in economic decisions. Companies become less tied to any single location and are therefore more footloose.”

This, however, is disadvantageous to the Caribbean as competition for foreign investment is likely to be brutal since companies can be located anywhere with little exceptions.

  • As previously stated in the earlier entry, advancements in technology, ICTs and media have made it possible for persons to partake in the global market, influencing the forces of supply and demand. They are able to bank online and shop online for products that are now able to reach any part of the world within a short period of time. This becomes disadvantageous when trends emerge of Caribbean people consuming international goods and overlooking local, home grown and nurtured, Caribbean products.  This puts a strain on Caribbean businesses and vendors due to the fact that Caribbean people are no longer interested in purchasing their goods and services. In the long run this then becomes difficult for Caribbean economies, businesses stop thriving and Caribbean development is put on a standstill.
  • As advancements in technology are increasing, there is also an increase on our dependency upon it. People are becoming so dependent on their smartphones and other smart devices that they cannot bare to leave the house without it. Apart from individuals, organizations and companies are also so highly dependent on technology. In an event there are technological malfunctions or a shutdown of systems, employees are usually unable to continue working or even find an alternative way to deal with such a situation.
  • The importance and development of social skills is being overlooked. Due to this high dependency on technology and media, face to face interaction and socialization is slowly disappearing. Individuals can no longer carry on a proper conversation for a period of time without engaging with their smart devices.
  • Another drawback of technology and media globalization to the Caribbean is the loss of culture. Due to advancements in media and technology, individuals worldwide are able to adopt and learn about different types of cultures. However, there is a greater promotion of western cultures (American and European in particular) in relation to other cultures. As a result of this, Caribbean people are adopting a western lifestyle, in terms of the music they listen to, how they dress, the foods they eat and how they behave. In this way they are beginning to and are already neglecting their Caribbean culture and lifestyle. In addition to this, Caribbean culture is also not being promoted to the rest of the world through the larger and more dominant media channels. While western cultures are being pushed through mass media, other cultures are not being advanced and are less likely to be portrayed accurately.

As Caribbean people, we are able to give an insider’s point of view on how technology and media globalization affects our region. All is well in being able to communicate with the rest of the world or being able to view and learn about other cultures and lifestyles but at the same time, we as Caribbean people should not forget about our culture, our lifestyle and who we are. It is extremely disturbing to see younger generations growing up and not learning about Caribbean culture and mostly, if not only adopting a western lifestyle. If this trend continues, we will lose our identity and our distinctive way of life. We need to teach our children about our Caribbean culture and lifestyle and what it is like to go out somewhere without walking with a smart phone or an iPad. We need to teach them what it is like to play outside, to fly a kite, to play hop scotch and how to have a face to face conversation with someone else. Convenience and accessibility for communication is necessary and undeniably  important, however, it is troubling when persons become solely reliant on texting, messaging on Facebook  and or Whatsapp for their means of communication. Caribbean culture is unique, vibrant and amazing and in order for other countries worldwide to be able to learn about our lifestyle and culture, we as Caribbean people have to preserve our culture, expand it and promote it to the rest of the world.


– Jeanine Jagroopsingh 


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2 thoughts on “Globalization , Technology and Media cont’d…

  1. Totally agree especially with the points on dependancy, loss of social skills and culture. Young children do not know much about our culture like they suppose. They’re also always on their ipods and ipads and not playing games or playing outside like they use to a few years ago. I blame parents partly for this though because if you notice, even the parents are always on their technological devices so what else would the children do?? We also need to stop depending on technology and remember what it is like to have a face to face conversation.
    Social skills must be improved and our culture must be preserved in order for it to continue to exist years from now. This needs to start now for future generations to carry out!!


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