Media Imperialism?

Imperialism has been the way through which dominant countries, for centuries, have imposed their power and influence through colonialism, military force and most recently through technology and media channels. –This trend now has us raising questions of Media Imperialism and its implications for the affected nations.

Technology and media continues to be the main facilitator of Globalization, the movement towards a “global village” and the shaping of a “global citizen”. This, in theory, could be essentially beneficial to the world but in reality has its implications for smaller nations. These problems surface when we examine who dominates the production of technology and maintains a monopoly over the content dispersed through the media—The West/ Europe. This monopolization demonstrates their power and ensures their influence.

Business Insider outlines the 6 main media powerhouses In America: GE, Disney, Time Warner, VIACOM, News Corp, CBS.

Simply consider where the majority content, presented for your television viewing purposes originates and what values are being represented — Western/ European or Caribbean ideologies?


The Caribbean is presently saturated with foreign content and product. Television and radio stations, although some local, have been infused with Western content and in some cases are adopting western ideologies.

//   Now, back to the idea of Western ideologies dominating the content portrayed through media channels:

—  We understand that culture and ideologies can be dispersed both ways but it still remains that the western’s dominates. By pushing their content, products and services they are able to profit from the third world’s absorption.

When the West decides, however, to involve the Caribbean’s cultures they present the information from their dominant, elitist point of view and to serve their convenience. The transfer of content between the West and the Global South is not equal and it is important that we ask ourselves why this is so.


– Leah Elbourne

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2 thoughts on “Media Imperialism?

  1. True. It’s especially seen in the TV stations, for example CNC3. They purchase the right to namely US shows for primetime viewing, while local channels (example Gayelle) that promote local culture struggle to do so.


    1. I agree with the above comment. But why is it that they (Local TV Stations) must depend on these Western shows and programs to get views? Doesn’t that draw back to how we were socialized? If we were taught to appreciate aspects of our culture, then we would not have to depend on Western culture to keep us entertained. Again, it goes back to what we are taught as children and what we keep with us as we grow into adulthood.

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