Going Green in the Caibbean

green plug

Today, nations around the globe become more interconnected, so much so that developing countries and the Caribbean region are taking the initiative to go green. The Caribbean islands are surrounded totally by water and will be the most affected by climate changes and through the process of globalization. The region stands to gain environmental rewards from more technologically developed nations like the US, the UK or Japan, that  developed solar energy after many decades of using coal power plants. In African nations today, the first electrical installations in many places are solar installations would not have been possible without the interconnectedness brought about by globalization.

The Internet greatly facilitates this global spread of knowledge and nations can experience the benefits of new technologies instead of passing through the same line of technological developments. Advances in technology are one of the main reasons that globalization has increased in the past decade in information and communication technology. As transport technology increases so too does shipment and handling time and some new technologies and innovations make them more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. In addition to the internet, global media networks which include television and media companies with branches in multiple countries also bring news and information about current events and new innovative ways to make a difference in the environment. .The internet has had an important role in connecting people and has revolutionized business and social lives, in terms of consumption of goods and services and at a greater extent ideologies shared around the world. New Technologies used for tracking hurricanes or tropical cyclones which from time to time may assist the Caribbean region. . This information helps meteorologists make better predictions about the weather and also warn the public of any dangerous weather systems.

As the issue of going green and Globalization relates to the Caribbean, Guyana’s president, Jagdeo Bharrat commenting on sustainable development said the region needs to reduce their global temperature by 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 and the Caribbean needs to cut their greenhouse gas emission by 25 to 40 per cent on a 90-90 baseline. These measures he believes can lead to a 50 percent chance of avoiding adverse climate change including flora and fauna degradation. Beaches are one of the Caribbean’s major assets in the tourism industry accounting for a major source of foreign income and should be preserved as for its natural beauty and economic benefits. In 1995 Dame Nita Barrow then governor of Barbados was responsible for the creation of the ‘Future Center Trust created to educate school children and young families on environmentally friendly practices and habits. The private sector is also involved in the attempt to adopt environmentally sound practices as Hotels in Barbados namely  the Bougainvillea Beach Resort  encourages its staff to recycle as much as they can and they use food waste to fertilize the hotel landscape as part of their sustainable development arrangement. Luna Design makers of Jewelry and other accessories encourage   workers to stay at home and work. While working from home employees are encouraged to educate their children ongoing green. The company products are all made from natural material and or recyclable material and vegetable dye. The Caribbean Green Technology Center located in the US Virgin Island created as a response to the growing need for ‘the advancement and development of alternative and renewable energy technology, seeks to educate the public on sustainability, collaborating with governmental agencies and industry partners.


-Andy Bristol


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