Signing Out

Our blog ‘LITTLEUSGONEGLOBAL?’ was geared towards bringing an awareness of globalization and its effects on the Caribbean and the world at large. Globalization scholars often debate about what is meant by the term but, from our many posts we are sure you have conceptualized an idea of what it is. However, according to The World Bank globalization can be simply defined as, “…the growing integration of economies and societies around the world.”

In our blog, we discussed a lot of issues relating to globalization in an attempt to have a better understanding of its implications and advantages for the global south as well as the west. Firstly, thoughts on globalization as it relates to technology and the media were analyzed. It was noted that there are both advantages and disadvantages with this aspect of globalization. A major point to remember on this subject is that Caribbean people should always remember their culture and traditions despite the influence of others. Also, the gratitude for the history of our first peoples should be remembered as the west used a lot of Eurocentric history to justify their injustices to the global south. Furthermore, globalization was seen to have altered Caribbean culture in various ways as examined in the post entitled, ‘Our Culture and Globalization.’ The West appears to always gain the most benefits where globalization is concerned.

Littleusgoneglobal?’ also gave insight into globalization and the means in which the west pauperized the Caribbean region due to the their superior military and economic power. The west built their dominance through the exploitation of the human and natural resources of the ‘third world.’ Additionally, our blog highlighted the destructive effects of globalization on the environment such as deforestation and the depletion of species of flora and fauna. Globalization has also created the wrong idea that the lighter your skin the higher your chances for social mobility. This led to the serious dilemma of skin bleaching that has severe health risks attached to the practice. Sadly, persons who are deemed to reflect Caribbean culture support this idea and thus, the masses are easily influenced. On a positive note globalization has a substantial benefit to the Caribbean, the improvement of their business models and the products they offer. The competition that globalization attracts forces the developing countries to always try to succeed. An example of this is the practice of ‘going green.’

In retrospect, Edward Said, claims that the information attained about the global south can be inaccurate as a result of their indirect relationship with the region. Hence, what is written about the Caribbean and other non-western regions should not be taken for granted but investigated for more credible and valid data.  Globalization has both its positive and negatives, it is all a matter of what part of the world you reside. When in the global south the positives can be more subtle as the West still holds most of the influence.

We hope that we’ve helped you gain a better understanding of the inequalities present within the dynamics of Globalization, through our posts. It is also wishful thinking that our voices reach out through the posts and contribute to the awareness and lessening of those, previously presented, inequalities.

-Signing out 



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